Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

Tugas Paragraf Mengenai Musik (G.E)

Name : William
NIM : 2007110177
Class : Marketing XI-2C

Music has been known as an essential part of human life. There are several reasons why music is important for human. First, music is one of the media which is used to express human feeling. To make a good song, people have to put their emotion into the song. Whether through music instrument or the music genre. As you can see from Chris Brown song named Superhuman. In this song people could know that he feel that his life is changing and become more exciting because of the girl he loved. The other reason why music important is it can be used as alternative health therapy, example for people that had stressful activities, music can help them to relax their mind and the pregnant woman, music can stimulate the growth of the baby brain, so the baby may become smarter.

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