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Esay (GE : 3 of 10 pillars)

The Values inside London School of Public Relation

Farlex Dictionary described the values as the moral principles and beliefs of a person or group. Without values, people will be easy to influenced, if their friend said that those attitude are right, they will do as what their friend said. Those people life seen like walking without a goal to be achieved. As an experts said, that values in each person can be different likewise the organization like LSPR. LSPR have 10 values that controlled and educate the action of their student.

One of LSPR values are honesty. Since you are a kid, parents and teachers have teached how to become an honest person. Example like no lying and not to get your friend’s things. Why we have to have these value in life? Basically one of the life purpose is to build trust and integrity from other people, and the way you could build this trust is by being honest to them. By keeping honest, you are not only trusted by other people, but they also will help you, even you are not asked their help. Simple example is Mac corporation which is has been known as the branded and high technology company, the quality of their goods known to be equal with the price that people paid, this reason makes people belief and arouse the Mac fanatic communities. 1 day before Mac launched their smart phone named iphone 3G, those fanatic has been queue to buy this product, they even pleasure to sleep in front of their store just to buy this phone.

The next value in LSPR is respect. Based on Wikipedia site, respect means a feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard or esteem. Respect can be applied in many different ways, example like not playing handphone when lecture teaching, not drinking and eating inside the classroom. Some countries are less in respecting each others, example in Arab, woman have to bow to man and they have to obey in their order. In Japan, woman are not allowed to disturbed man when they are talking. In India, people are divided into several classes, the highest class are like Brahmana and Satria, and the low classes like Sudra. But there also some countries that good in respecting each other right. Like, America, which is claim that the woman right are equal with woman right, so do the France and Holland.

Discipline, are one of the value that had to be had in the mind of their student. Until this time there still student that does not have this value, we can see from the late student from day to day, rubbish are throw haphazardly, etc. Why do we have to discipline? Because discipline is one of the values that will help you achieve goals. LSPR have make many rules to help student have this values. Example like student that come late must get an entry pass in student counselor and if they have 3 times late (which is same with 1 absent), their final score will cut by 3.3%.

Values are different for each person but it help people to aware from other influence. By having values, your goals can be achieve easily.

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