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Press Release (Public Relations)




Orang Tua Group, which famously known as quality product manufacturers, has developed “Pastiche”, the healthy pasta that has many variety of flavours. Pastiche will be launch in 28 April 2008, at Mulia Hotel’s Ballroom, from 11 AM until 2 PM.

Airlangga Aria, the chairman of Orang Tua Group, stated that our product, Pastiche is available in three different flavours and colours; which is orange for tomato flavour, green for vegetable flavour, and creamy yellow for original flavour; also available in varieties of length and thicknesses; and it is made from selected quality vegetable, that is low calories, and healthy because rich in vitamins and minerals. He also said that Pastiche has been awarded as “the safe, delicious, and healthy food” by LPPOM and also received “Halal” certificate from MUI. Airlangga proudly said that Pastiche will be sold onto the market, such as Giant, Carefour, Kem Chick, and many more; and it will be sold in packets of 500g which is 35.000 Rupiah and packets of 1kg which cost 50.000 Rupiah.

Pastiche will be launch at Mulia Hotel’s Ballroom in 28 April 2008, from 11 AM to 2 PM. Orang Tua Group will also invite Rudy, the professional chef on TV, that will do cooking demo, also Bondan Winarno and Tessa Kaunang as host.

Orang Tua Group firstly established in 1948 at Semarang and has produced many quality product such as Tango, Teh Gelas, and many more.


Irin, Press Officer
Orang Tua Group
021 5441234

For further information about Pastiche please contact:

Grace Lea Tel : (+6221) 5322121
Customer Service Manager Fax: (+6221) 5482425
Head Office
West Palang Merah Date: 21 April 2008
Jakarta Ref : OT Group 001/ I

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