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4P Analyzing of Nokia 8600 Luna (Introduction to Marketing)


• Company Profile
NOKIA established since 1865 in Finland with the first business in rubber, papers, and cables. For a hundred years NOKIA become powerful industrial conglomerate, then they moved to mobile industrial in 1968 until 1991 the newly formed NOKIA corporation is ideally positioned for a first role in the early evolution of mobile communication and from 1992 until 1999 as the mobile phone use booms, NOKIA makes the sector its core business. By the turn of century, NOKIA company is the world leader and from 2000 until today NOKIA sells its billionth mobile phone as the third generation. Why NOKIA move from rubber industrial to communication industrial is because there is no demand of rubber from that country and they inspired by Ericsson, giant’s company in Sweden that produce handphone. Then in 1991 chief excecutive Jorma Ollil with chief financial officer Olli-Pekka Kalasvou put a basic for NOKIA handphone technology. By guiding from Olilla (chief executive of NOKIA) only in 8 years NOKIA become a great successful company and chosen for the most valuable company in Europe.
Now NOKIA has become a handphone producer in the world. All of the products has fulfill the main standard for analog and digital in 130 countries. With a centre office in Finland, NOKIA has 8 factory in 7 country. In Asia Pasific, the product that made for Indonesia, are produce from Masan (Korea), Beijing and DongGuan (China).
In Asia Pasific, NOKIA start to operate in 1984 with a central office in Singapore, but in Indonesia it operated in 1996. Now in Indonesia, NOKIA lead in market share, but in the world NOKIA products fill 32 – 33%.
Central office for NOKIA in Indonesia is located at Jl.Mampang Prapatan Raya 151 JKT 12760, Graha Bimasakti.

• Characteristics
Characteristics of NOKIA product 8600 Luna have many main feature likes. First, it has a premium design, the front are covered with glass and stainless steel material for back casing. It also has a smooth slide design that show keypad and hidden camera and also has a shine unique lamp that will make the keypad shine under the glass covered when we are not using it. It also support by it’s dimension, likes weight only 140gram, length 107mm, wide 45mm, and thickness 15,9 mm.
The second features are sophisticated screen and interface. Nokia 8600 Luna use QVGA 20 screen that amazing (240x320) in sixteen million colours and sophisticated user interface.
The third features, this handphone has dynamic multimedia. We can look it from the 2.0 megapixel camera combine with digital zoom, the internal memory is 128 megabyte, rich in capabilities audio video streaming, video recording and playback (mpeg 4, H.263, & H.264), Radio FM Stereo and mix of digital Music Player (MP3 / AAC /AAC+ / eAAC+ / midiTone).
The fourth features from this handphone are the great connectivity. This handphone have quad-band GSM 850 / 900 /1800 / 1900, BluetoothTM technology, all-in-one micro USB to recharge the battery and save audio and data, fast message capability SMS and MMS, WAP 2.0 browser and Java MIDP 2.0.
So, the advantages and benefits of using this handphone are you will look elegant because the casing colour is black, combine with the shining keypad that covered by glass, that will automatically shining when you are not using it make you looks more sexy. Also support by the small size and light weight make this handphone become more elegant and lux. You also can take high quality pictures with this handphone and combined with entertaining feature like MP3 player, radio FM Stereo that can removed your boredom.


• Price of the Product
The price of this product is worth and match, about Rp 6.700.000 – Rp 6.950.000 for Standard Package, and about Rp 7.450.000 for Inbox Exclusive Package, this package contains with the additional stylish accessories that specially design for NOKIA 8600 Luna. It contain Stereo Headset HS - 47, elegant wrist strap and beautiful leather pouch with suede paper to clean it. If you want to buy this handphone in general shop, the price is about Rp 6.825.000 (NOKIA guarantee), but if you buy it in NOKIA outlet the price is about Rp 6.950.000 (guarantee) and Rp 7.450.000 for the Exclusive Package (NOKIA guarantee). We collect this data by doing research in some mall on 12 December 2007.

• Value Factor
The value that will be shown to yourself when you used NOKIA 8600 Luna are make your status become higher, because by using NOKIA, especially NOKIA 8600 Luna which is famous because of the premium and elegant design that will make people thought that you are rich and stylish person and then we know that NOKIA named are very famous in Indonesia and the other country.
Beside that, this handphone is easy to use because it completed by guide book that are easy to understand. This handphone also give long guarantee different with the other series that is 2 years and the services can be done in the closest NOKIA Care Center Outlets.

• Price Factor
The price factors that influence the price from NOKIA 8600 Luna are because it is NOKIA which is the international company who had variative series handphone from the lowest price until the highest price and with the quality product, known by many people, makes people desire with this brand, so by buying this products it means like you buy NOKIA brand.
Secondly, the 8 of the nokia series always give priority with the design which is small and light, such as NOKIA 8600 Sirocco, NOKIA 8600 Diamond and the other series and it all always point directly to the elegance and stylish design. Because of it same as NOKIA 8600 Luna is also have a same design with the other eight series so the prices can be save for the upper class.
Thirdly, NOKIA 8600 Luna is produced in limited edition, so the price is quite high.

• Pricing Strategy
NOKIA company using psychology strategy which not put 7 million in the price but put Rp 6.950.000 as the price. So, people focus with this handphone is the price of this handphone around 6 million.
Because of its limited edition, it make the price of the handphone that first launching on June 2007 is about Rp. 6.750.000, on Desember the price is up to Rp. 6.700.000 – Rp. 6.950.000, causes by limited product and high demand that make the opportunity to put the high prices.

• Price Negotiation
Bonus that we can get from buying NOKIA 8600 Luna is NOKIA travel bag.


• Payment Methods
To make people easier and comfortable in doing transaction, we provide some payment methods. First of all, people can pay in cash and there is no discount at all. People can also pay it by credit card but, if so, they will be charged about 2%.

• Service
We also provide Service Center and Sales Center which purpose to make easier, safety, and build trust from consumers to the NOKIA product. Because of this, it will be easier for consumers to find NOKIA products and to ask any information about NOKIA or features that is provide in its cellphone to the Service Center and Sales Center which spread in some city.

In Jakarta, people can find them at some places, such as :
- Jakarta Barat
* Mall Taman Anggrek 3rd floor
* ITC Roxy Mas 2nd floor
* Roxy Mas 1st floor
- Jakarta Pusat
* Mangga Dua Square
- Jakarta Utara
* Kelapa Gading
* ITC Cempaka Mas

• Guarantee
We also give 2 years NOKIA guarantee for this product to the consumers for the machine and spare part.


• Promotion Mix
o Advertising
We cooperate with advertising media which purpose to introduce our product. The advertising media that we choose is print media such as adult magazine like FHM and COSMOPOLITAN magazine, cellphone magazine like T3 and we provide brochures about NOKIA 8600 Luna. Why we decided to choose adult magazine in promoting our product because our product have to match with the target market.

o Sales Promotion
In sales promotion, for each purchase of NOKIA 8600 Luna will get a travel bag.

o Personal Selling
Our strategy to make retailer want to buy our product in big quantity is give them an advantage by let them get an incentive for each purchase in big quantity, also purpose to make them sure in promoting our product. For example, distribution from OKE teleshop or to Sentra Ponsel.

• Positioning
Based on the design that made from crom and stainless steel, we want to create a high class and elegant image for NOKIA 8600 Luna that being purposed for upper-middle class people. We also want to create a prestigious image from the price that is high enough and make the consumers looks more stylish, fashionable, and trendy.

Photos of NOKIA 8600 Luna


All the informations about history of NOKIA and NOKIA 8600 Luna based on conducting research in NOKIA center at Ciputra, NOKIA 8600 Luna brochure, research in NOKIA center at Roxi Mas, also from www.nokia.com.

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