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Grup Task of Public Relations (Public Relations)

Situational Analysis
Product Characteristics

Our product is Layer Glass which is cover with wax. This is the one that make it different with other glass. The design is very simple, the wax not make it become thicker, but its thickness just the same with the other general glass.
The characteristics of our Layer Glass can be divided into the functions, advantages, and benefits. So now, we will see the functions of this product first, such as our layer glass that cover with wax makes the glass become more slippery than usual. It can also pervade the sun ray. Its simple design which has small ventilations in its left and right side for cleaning the dust also include one of the best function of our product.
The advantages and benefits of this product are it is easy to be cleaned because there is a ventilations in it, so that the cleaning services do not need to go up for cleaning it, unless if it is raining. Not only make your life easier and more practice, you can call it as an eco-friendly product, because it can pervade the sun ray which the product can decrease the global warming. This prove that our company has already made a product which can give a positive impact to the environment, because we do care for it.

Situational Analysis
SWOT of the Company

We use SWOT analysis in this case. The result of analyzing the product can be explained in the paragraphs below. First of all, the strength of our product are save because we do not need to have many employees to clean up all the windows in a building. We will also safe more money which is use for paying the employees. Our product is eco-friendly.
Beside its strength, our product also has weakness such as it cost more expensive than the usual glass and the layer must be renew every ten years, if not the quality of its will not as good as before.
On the other hand, we get support from government also from the anti-global warming organizations and it will create a good image for our company that our company also care with environment. Besides that, nowadays people have basic thought to have a practice life. Those are the opportunities of our product.
Our product also has threat besides the opportunities such as people will probably more choose the general / usual glass than our layer glass because most of them still have traditional thinking.


Media that we use to promote this product are magazine and television such as ASRI magazine, TEMPO magazine, Metro TV, and O Channel. We choose those media because those are the closest media to our target market.
Our target public are male and female who is about 40 until 45, they must be live in Jakarta, also have to care for the environment and like to socialize. The social grade of our target public is from B+ until A+.
ASRI magazine is located at Jl. Gudang Peluru Barat IV No.8, Jakarta. The telephone number is 62-218297366 and 62-218297366. Indrawati WD is the contact person with telephone number 62-218297366.
TEMPO magazine is located at Jl. Kebayoran Baru - Mayestik, Jakarta -- Kebayoran Center Blok A11 - A15 with the telephone number (021)-7255625.
Metro TV is located at Jl. Pilar Mas Raya Kav A-D, Kedoya, Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta. The telephone number is (021)-58300077. Henny Puspitasari is the contact person with telephone number (021)-58300077 ext. 22015.
O Channel is located at Jl. Asia Afrika lot 19, Jakarta, SCTV Tower, Senayan City 17th floor. The telephone number is (021)-727 82200.

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