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Tugas (Introduction to Marketing)

Page 34,self – check 1
Group 4 : Olivia
Woe Devi
William Lee

Question 1
a. MBO or Management by Objectives means everybody in a company will know about the objective and must achieve the objective.
Likes when a company held a meeting and talking about plan something such as selling target for their company that objective will be told to the other employees from the other part of that company because they must make that target come true, they also must achieve that company’s objective.
So MBO all of the employees of the company.

MBE or Management by Exception means a part of company who make an objection but just for their part. Just a part from that company who need to achieve the objection even maybe the other don’t need to know their objection.

b. Very important for a company fluently move, because if they have MBO and MBE, they can share the job by their part.
Ex : production part – they will do their job by their part.
And they have their own responsibility beside the mission or the target from MBO. They can do their job with more maximum effort for maximum result,more specific.

Question 2
a. The difference, data is informations that you need or you don’t need or useful or not useful. But information is data that is useful anytime.
b. Atlas and computer database.

Question 3
a. MIS is a system that contain information for all manager in organization to make a decision (decision making) for each department.

MkIS is a system that only contain marketing information, that needs for people in marketing to make a budgeting plan so the products can complete in local market or international market.

b. The difference, MIS information is needed for every department so all department can work together to reach the organization’s vision but MkIS information is only needed for marketing department, for example : marketing department want to make marketing strategy, they won’t call other department to join their meeting, but it’s only the member of marketing department that will discuss that strategy.

Question 4
a. Basicly, sales forecasts is an organization’s budget which has an important stay in a company. On the other hand, sales forecasts is an expectation of a company which can push the employees on to work harder and make a good coorperation in a company until they reach the expectation from that company. And most of company start their planning with forecasts. That’s why sales forecasts is necessary in a company.

b. If in a company they have no sales forecasts, it’s the same like there’s no objection from that company. So two possible results if no sales forecasts in a company are :
1. the employees lose the motivation to work because there’s no clear expectation or objective.
2. they can’t get a maximum results, ex : income because there’s no increasement in product selling, if they have a sales forecasts, automaticly they must make a strategy how to increase the product selling.

Question 5
a. An objective must show either quantity or quality against time.
b. * Quantity
* Quality
* Quality
* Quantity

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