Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

Tugas Paragraf (G.E)

Name : William
NIM : 2007110177
Class : Marketing XI-2C
English for Writing assignment

Developing Music Concert in Indonesia
In my opinion, we should develop music concert in Indonesia to fulfill the needs of people which is to have a great experience in local concert without have to go to other countries. It can be done with several ways, example like build a modern concert building like Tokyo Dome in Japan, which is the stage can move, the singer can fly around the concert building using rope, have magnificent effect and animation that can support the feeling of the song. We also could invite foreigner singer like Jason Mraz and Brian McKnight to do concert and collaborate with our local singer. The other reason is to create positive image about our local concert in the international eyes, by publish the recording of our concert in youtube or other international media, so people from other countries would come to see music concert in Indonesia.

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