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Draft Kasar mengenai Campaign Online Games(Tugas Marketing Communication)

1.Background of the campaign (I; why is it happening?)
As we know that the technology of the computer have developed really fast, such as the graphic now look so smooth compare to the past, make the picture looks alive, and so the other part of the computer. The developed technology of the computer trigger the creating of online games. Now online games have been so famous and almost everyone have known about it. As we know many new online games are just new and ready to introduce to the market, like RF, Audition, etc. so this campaign are held to promote new online games to market.
2.Communication Objectives
The objectives of this campaign is to recognize the brand, we want to remind the market of our variated online games by trigger them to participate in the tournament of our famous online games such as, Ragnarok, Dota, Audition and etc, so they will feel the sensation of playing online games.
3.Target audiences
Our target audience are teenager, male and female, student, 13-22 years old, live in big city of Indonesia, social grade A&B, gameholic, efficient, adventurous, and love the challenge.
4.Benefits/ Promise
The benefits of playing online games are people will feel new challenge by compete with other person from other city even country, different with the offline games, they only play and compete with computer or friends that live nearby. Also they can have many friends and can chat or communicate with others.
5.Reason Why/ Support
The reason of using tour campaign is, the gamers could know the detail about the game online, especially for the new online game, how is the sensation, how to operate it, so the gamers will feel interest to play and be a member of this online game.
The major thing that support teenagers to play online games is their natural behavior which is like to try something new and adventurous. By having this behavior they will feel the challenge that they seek, which is to compete with other stronger gamers also they could have many friends, not only from other city but also other countries.

6.Media used and where
The media that we used is print media and radio. The purpose of using them because many of gamers buy game magazine and have newspapers such as Kompas or Seputar Indonesia in their house. So by advertised main magazine and newspapers, our target market could know that we are going to held an online game event and tournament. Also radio, in Prambors, Gen FM, and other radio that segmentize for teenagers.
7.Tone&Manner/ Executional Tactics
Our company prefer to give tone/ logo for this campaign is “ THE FUN NEVER STOP”, in yellow colour. This word means that we provide many fun games and all gamers can be easily play what they want.
The tactic is, we will do tour of campaign and tournament of online games at mall that are located in 7 big cities in Indonesia, like Taman Anggrek in Jakarta, Paris van Java in Bandung, and etc. We also will provide approximately 20 computers with demonstration of online games, and at the corner we will put banner with some of promotion girls (SPG) that used Ragnarok custom or Final Fantasy custom or other else that so the customer that come to the mall will interest with our campaign.
Online games are the right way to play games because it gives us many choices of games and it is very easy to submit games. The campaign will be held on 1 December 2008 until 31 January 2009. Online games provide more than 100 games at a website and if you need to know more about it, please register at our website at This web is provide for all teenager that like game very much.

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